Our guiding principles are grounded in the identification of Cause-Effect releationships

Chapter 01

"Diversification is often oversimplified"

Diversification is key to Portfolio Management but using Correlation alone may not be enough

Many investor's Risk Management approach is based on diversification.  We believe diversification is the holy grail of investing, but only when done right and put in the proper context.  Often times it is oversimplified, especially to the general investor.  Many are taught just to buy many different asset classes and just hold them through up and down markets.  

In reality, correlation which is the foundational principle behind diversification is misinterpreted.  Many investors wrongly believe that the correlation between assets is stable over time.  This is one of the assumptions of Modern Portfolio Theory.  But our research shows that the correlation between asset classes evolves over time based on the economic environment.  

Chapter 02

"Correlation Does Not Equal Causation"

Chief Investment Officer
We believe statistics alone are not sufficient for proper tactical portfolio management. Our research dives into cause-effect relationships between economic environments and asset class risk/return profiles

Why we are different

Chapter 03

"Trend Analysis"

Eugene Fama
Brandon VanLandingham, CFA, CMT
Chief Investment officer
"Being too early is the same as being wrong."

Chapter 04

"Put Our Framework To The Test"

Stress Test Our Framework

We developed software so that the Framework can be stress tested before you decide whether our decision making process is right for you. Just visit the link below to try it out for yourself. 

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