Advisors Working with Perissos enjoy a relationship where their success is our success.  We offer unique tools and training to help advisors grow their business.  While we are primarily a portfolio management company, our relationship with advisors goes much deeper. 

Diversification Matters
  • Diversification based on asset classes is typically insufficient
  • During major Bear Markets, asset class correlations tend to move toward one (become more correlated), increasing a portfolio's risk. 
  • Investment strategy diversification can improve the diversification benefit beyond the asset class. 

Establish a Portfolio Management Roadmap for clients & your firm
  • Guided research to enhance your portfolio/investment management processes
  • Portfolio stress testing tools (see our Framework in action)
  • Onsite training

Enhance Your Marketing Communication
  • Educational Video series
  • Market Commentary
  • Educational Client Videos

Brandon VanLandingham, CFA, CMT on: Your Success is our Success. While we are a portfolio management company, our relationship with advisers goes much deeper.

  • Portfolio Management
    Enhance Your Portfolio Management Solutions
    Learn how our process can help enhance your portfolio's Risk/Return profile
  • Communication
    Streamline Your Message
    Leverage our informational tools and resources to effectively communicate your value to clients
  • Educate
    Educate Your Clients
    Clients are often confused when it comes to investing and markets. Use our educational tools to improve your client's understanding.
What Makes a Great Advisor
  • Listening to their clients true needs and concerns
  • Educating clients so they understand what's best for them to reach their goals
  • Continuing to educate themselves to better serve clients when economic environments change
  • Having an investment philosophy their clients can stick with